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Struggling with alcohol abuse or drug addiction and the impact it’s having on your work, family, or physical health?

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Get addiction treatment and addiction medication to bring your drug abuse or alcohol addiction into remission and sustain ongoing recovery all while living at home. With locations in Richmond, Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Calyx empowers your addiction recovery by helping you with addiction counseling and specialized addiction medicine to treat the cause of your substance abuse or alcohol addiction. Take our addiction quiz to see how Calyx can help and watch our video to learn more about the signs of addiction and our addiction treatment programs.

Treatment Model

Addiction Treatment Model

Calyx Recovery offers medication-based outpatient addiction treatment programs for substance abuse and alcohol addiction. Our science-based, innovative approach towards drug & alcohol rehabilitation is proven, confidential and lead by experienced addiction doctors. Recover quickly. Get well. Stay well.

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Calyx Recovery and its addiction treatment programs are devoted to clinical excellence. We value safety, confidentiality, planning, communication, and taking action. Click the link below to learn more.



We offer a full range of both Intensive Outpatient Services
and Outpatient Services
. We are a solution oriented addiction
treatment program.

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