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Addiction Treatment Outpatient Services

Alcohol Abuse Treatment:

Addiction can come in many forms, including alcohol compulsivity (often called alcohol use disorder or alcoholism). You may recognize signs of this condition in yourself or a loved one, which can include:

  • Drinking more to experience the effects of alcohol
  • Being placed in dangerous situations because of drinking
  • Experiencing trouble sleeping, irritability or shakiness when you stop drinking
  • Finding that drinking alcohol interferes with your family, work or school life
  • Giving up activities you enjoy so you can drink more often
  • Inability to drink less or stop drinking when you want to
  • Have been arrested or gotten a DUI
  • Experiencing blackouts or periods of memory loss after drinking
  • Had family or friends stage an intervention

At Calyx Recovery, we provide outpatient addiction treatment for alcohol abuse. Our experienced physicians follow American Society of Addiction Medicine Guidelines to help you detox and withdraw from alcohol and stabilize your mid-brain (the part of the brain responsible for addiction). By treating the neurological causes of addiction, we help you experience remission and recover from the disease of alcohol addiction.

During your addiction treatment program, you’ll be able to live at home and receive the support of your family. Our caring addiction experts will help you understand the cause of your alcohol abuse and recognize the symptoms of addiction. You’ll have access to comprehensive treatment, addiction medications and support services, including:

  • Individualized addiction treatment program
  • Neuro-cognitive analysis
  • Alcohol Detoxification
  • Lab results
  • Physician appointments
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Individual addiction counseling
  • Group addiction therapy
  • Family addiction counseling
  • Addiction Medicine & Medication Management

We treat each of our patients with dignity and respect, recognizing that addiction is a chronic condition like diabetes or heart disease. Through our innovative approach to addiction treatment, you’ll receive personalized, evidence-based care and medications developed to help recover from addiction, all designed to help you progress toward a healthier life and maintain your addiction recovery long-term.