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Richmond Addiction Treatment Clinic

Calyx Recovery is proud to be part of the thriving Richmond, Virginia medical community. Come visit us at Richmond’s newest state-of-the-art Addiction Treatment Clinic.

Our distinguished staff of medical professionals have decades of experience treating patients seeking recovery from substance abuse and alcohol addiction.

At Calyx Recovery, we treat the primary brain disease of addiction. Our physicians, nurses and counselors are equipped to help those suffering from drug addiction and alcohol abuse to feel better fast with addiction medication and specialized addiction counseling.

As with other chronic and progressive illnesses, such as diabetes and asthma, addiction treatment must include helping patients understand the cause of their disease. The foundation of our programs include treating the source of addiction through both medication and counseling and educating patients on how to recognize and manage their symptoms.

Calyx physicians follow American Society of Addiction Medicine Guidelines for withdrawal management and ongoing symptom suppression.

We work closely with the Richmond medical community and are in-network with most of the healthcare plans in Virginia, including Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield and others. Call us to review your healthplan and see if you qualify for Free or No-Copay Addiction Treatment.

Call Today and Come See Richmond’s Finest Addiction Treatment Clinic!

Calyx Richmond
681 Hioaks Road; Richmond, Virginia 23225