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Treatment Model

Feel better fast!

Get well while living at home. Calyx Recovery offers dynamic treatment solutions that are cutting edge. Our science-based, innovative approaches help those with addiction to get well and stay well.

At Calyx Recovery, we treat the primary brain disease of addiction. Our physicians, nurses and counselors are equipped to help those suffering from addiction to feel better fast, bring their condition into remission, and sustain ongoing recovery.

As with other chronic and progressive illnesses, such as diabetes and asthma, addiction treatment must include helping patients understand the cause of their disease. The foundation of our model includes treating the source of addiction through both medication and counseling, and educating patients on how to recognize and manage their symptoms.

Calyx physicians follow American Society of Addiction Medicine Guidelines for withdrawal management and ongoing symptom suppression and mid-brain stabilization.

The clinical team employs Cognitive Behavioral and Gestalt interventions on a Motivational Interviewing platform, which is consistent with the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Agency and National Institute on Drug Abuse Best Practice guidelines.

Our model ensures patients are receiving evidence-based treatment applications that correlate with their cognitive stage in treatment. Our interest is to help facilitate progress, while developing and maintaining a therapeutic alliance with each person we treat.

Watch Dr. Brown’s interview on our treatment model here.