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At Calyx Recovery, we treat addiction like any other chronic disease – with a comprehensive approach that addresses the cause of addiction. Our model includes a combination of medication, counseling, and group support to help sustain ongoing recovery. Learn more about addiction in these short videos from our team of experts.

Drug or alcohol use is not addiction, but rather a symptom of addiction.
Learn about the signs and symptoms of addiction.

If your loved one is suffering from addiction, it may be a difficult topic to broach.
Learn how to address addiction in a way that helps your loved one get the treatment he or she needs.

Addiction is a neurobiological disease that can be treated.
Calyx identifies the root cause of addiction and uses an evidence-based approach to treat each individual.
Learn about what causes addiction.

Recovery does not have to be painful.
Learn about how Calyx helps you feel better faster and gets you on the road to recovery.

We understand that addiction is not anyone’s fault, because it’s a disease.
The Calyx approach combines medication and counseling in an outpatient setting that allows you to continue to live your life while in recovery.

Addiction is due to an imbalance in the mid-brain.
Learn more about the science behind addiction and how treatment can be tailored to address the imbalance.

Physicians should include a risk assessment for addiction in their routine visits with their patients. Learn how to evaluate the signs and address patients about addiction.